Face The Covid With The Electronic People-Counter

Face The Covid With The Electronic People-Counter

Covid emergency: the economic recovery and the rules that commercial activities must respect

With the evolution of the global pandemic that is involving our company and activities in every market sector, from small shops to large commercial chains, the need has been determined to limit and prevent the spread of the virus as much as possible, seeking at the same time to start the long-awaited economic recovery.

A key step to allow this recovery is represented by the reopening of commercial activities, with the adoption of new rules which must be respected, in the interest of employees, customers and entrepreneurs, to safeguard their health and safety.

So what are, in short, the precautions that shopkeepers will have to put in place immediately?

• Social distancing

• Containment of the flow of customers

• Premises control

Directives and guidelines to be respected

The government and regional authorities have issued rules and practices to be followed for each business sector. In particular, as regards the retail trade, the following requirements are disclosed, among others:

1) Provide access rules, based on the characteristics of individual businesses, in order to avoid gatherings and ensure the maintenance of at least 1 meter of separation between customers.

2) Safeguard regulated and staggered access according to available spaces, differentiating, where possible, the entry and exit routes.

It follows that it will be necessary for the owners of commercial activities to be more committed and constant both in applying these new rules and in checking that they are respected by customers and employees. Given the importance of these provisions, it is necessary to use more staff dedicated to carrying out these specific tasks, despite all this certainly entails an increase in costs and risk to which the employees assigned to perform these tasks may be exposed daily (guards, vigilantes at the entrance etc.).

Why rely on an electronic people counter instead of control staff

In this scenario, it is evident that the adoption of an automated and precise technological system, instead of the use of control personnel, can represent the ideal choice to ensure multiple advantages:

More precision

Control staff:
• Manual and potentially inaccurate control (susceptible to human error)

Electronic People Counter:
• Functioning logic based on data analysis (mathematical and precise)

More versatility

Control staff:
• Attendance data checked on the spot and not available in the future (no data recording)

Electronic People Counter:
• Archiving of traffic and occupancy data + log of the historical data which can be consulted online at any time (data verification and analysis always possible)

More security

Control staff:
• Frequent and prolonged contact with customers (exposure to risk of contagion)

Electronic People Counter:
• No person required to control the entrances to the store (a camera installed near the entrance is sufficient to ensure effective monitoring)

More cost-effective

Control staff:
• Staff costs at the entrance (maintenance of extra salaries)

Electronic People Counter:
• Significantly lower one-off cost and higher value over time (cost reduction and reusable in the future)

More control

Control staff:
• Difficulty in coordinating in real time the adequate presence of personnel in all points of sale (physical presence in each point of sale necessary

Electronic People Counter:
• Remote and centralized management of all meters thanks to the appropriate software (manageable from anywhere)

How the Electronic People Counter works

The Electronic People Counter is a system composed of:

1) 3D stereoscopic Plug&Play camera

2) Management software with online control panel (FootfallCam Analytic Manager)

3) Android app with "traffic light" function at the store entrance (SafeOccupancy)

People counting camera

It is installed at each store entrance to monitor the flow of incoming and outgoing customers. Installation is quick and easy, thanks to the PoE power supply (a single cable to manage both the power supply and the internet connection) and the available installation supports (ceiling or wall).

Thanks to the double 170° wide-angle lens, with a single device it is possible to cover a large area, to keep under control the entire width of the entrance gap.

The camera communicates the data collected in real time to the server (which can be managed both in the Cloud and On-Premise), so that these data can be immediately consulted online from anywhere and recorded for future consultation.

Analytics Manager V8 management software

The control panel for online management of all your meters. Through this management software, you can remotely configure the counters, analyze data in real time, consult the history of inflow data recorded over time and much more.

SafeOccupancy Android App

The application for Android devices that allows you to view your store's occupancy status in real time. You will thus be able to place a display near the entrance to show your customers if it is possible to enter or if it is necessary to wait for someone to come out to respect the safety thresholds set in the system. All this is made very intuitive for customers, who will simply have to respect the "traffic light" displayed on the monitor (green for entry or red for waiting).

4-step customer flow monitoring

Step 1
Install the people counter camera near each entrance of your room.

Step 2
Set the maximum number of people your venue can contain (the threshold beyond which the traffic light will turn red).

Step 3
Show customers the occupation level of your venue in real time at the entrance.

Step 4

Receive notifications in real time when the maximum limit is reached.

Notifications can be viewed both from smartphones and tablets (through the app) and via the online dashboard accessible from any device connected to the internet. Furthermore, through the online dashboard, the staff present in the store will be able to view in real time the current state of occupation of the store, and the owner will be able to have the situation under control from anywhere.

Key features of the system

• All-in-one package: Hardware comes with integrated software

• Live Dashboard

• Staff Alerts

• Management Reports

• Quick and Easy Installation

Electronic people counter main characteristics

Customer-facing and employee-facing displays that show the occupancy in real-time.

Above 95% accuracy of the customer occupancy within your store.

Assign employees to key store operation roles instead of customer counting roles.

Access web-based live occupancy display from any browser-enabled mobile device, tablet, or digital signage with a URL link.

Alert staff members instantly using email and push notification when capacity thresholds are close to being reached.

Use the same technology to gather store performance data such as visitor count, outside traffic, and turn-in rate.

Privacy friendly
Our counters are GDPR compliant and we don’t store any identifiable information.

SafeOccupancy is based on our experience deploying people counting solutions for more than 10+ years in thousands of locations.

Compliance with standards and better performance thanks to data analysis

Keep track of store occupancy level

• Ensure that each store is operating in compliance with social distancing guidelines.

• Clear insight into the occupancy trend based on historical data.

• Assign more staff on duty during high occupancy periods.

Overview of the occupancy limit

• Monitor the staff’s performance based on how long the occupancy limit is breached.

• Keep an eye on the number of times the occupancy limit is triggered.

• Managements can view the occupancy reports on site-level and company-level.

Insured time value: Electronic people counter not only during Covid

As we have seen so far, the Electronic People Counting system is certainly a valid ally to deal with the Coronavirus emergency, but it should be remembered that this technology was born above all as a powerful Marketing tool for sales points and public places. In fact, the recording and analysis of data relating to the flow of customers and their purchasing behavior constitutes an important basis for evaluating the effectiveness of in-store communication, the shop window, the promotions implemented in the point sale and many other important data obtainable from the data collected by the people counter system.

The metrics analyzed by the People Counter

1) Traffic inside the point of sale
The total number of people passing through the store.

2) Traffic outside the point of sale
The system uses video tracking technology to identify the number of customers passed in front of the shop and is able to identify the absolute number of people passed near the entrance. It thus offers shopkeepers the opportunity to understand the effectiveness of their shop window and an overview of the opportunities missed by the store (the people who have not entered the shop).

3) Dwell time
It is measured by the unique identifier (MAC address) from the user's smartphone. It can approximate the length of time from when a visitor entered to when he left the shop. You will then be able to know how long your customer has stayed in your shop. By observing the residence time and the purchase volume, the management will be able to adapt the sales strategies.

4) Returning customers
Distinguishes whether the customer has previously visited the store, comparing the unique identifiers with the previous records. So you can find out, for example, how many customers have returned in the last 3 months. This data can be used to measure customer loyalty through the frequency of visits to the store and the purchasing habits of returning customers.

Data accuracy

The fully automated system is able to guarantee an accuracy level of at least 95%, thanks to the high hardware performance (3D wide-angle lens with stereoscopic vision in combination with a 5 megapixel camera) and advanced software functions, which it has a staff exclusion function, thanks to which it is possible not to count the personnel steps. The total count of the flow of customers will therefore not be "polluted", always maintaining a high level of reliability.

Privacy granted: 100% GDPR compliant

The Electronic People Counting System works in full respect of users' privacy, following the European rules on the GDPR. No personal data (such as faces, names and surnames) is collected or recorded during video shooting and customer flow data analysis. In order to perform accurate reports and the aforementioned marketing functions, identification systems are used based on the adoption of pseudonyms and unique codes, so that no identifier can be traced in any way to a real natural person.

What are you waiting for? Make your business compliant by ensuring the safety of your employees and customers and invest in the growth of your business:

• During the Coronavirus:
Maintain social distancing in your store.

• After the Coronavirus:
You will have an effective analysis and reporting tool to support your Marketing strategies.

the kit including the 32" monitor to show the occupation status of your shop in real-time

people counting


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