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Smartwatch for kids: SmartTrackerKids 20T

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Smartwatch for kids: SmartTrackerKids 20T

If you are thinking about how to never leave your child alone, SmartTrackerKids 20T is the Smartwatch for children that allows you to keep track of their movements at all times thanks to advanced functions comparable to a real GPS tracker. SmartTrackerKids 20T is a Smartwatch with a dedicated app developed in Italy and Vodafone SIM card already included in the "all inclusive" version, which will track every move of the child (but also of the elderly) and send both an SMS and its geolocated position on the Google Map to your Smartphone.

Smartwatch for kids: SmartTrackerKids 20T

The Smartwatch for kids was born in July 2020 from an idea of Nicola and Antonio, two super dads who discussed with each other and with other parent friends the need to keep an eye on their children when they were on the move. Aware that there was no product like the SmartTrackerKids 20T on the market yet, they dedicated their time to researching and developing a Smartwatch for kids that could fully meet their expectations. SmartTrackerKids 20T is a technologically advanced product that provides all the reliability of a GPS tracker, combined with the functions of a classic Smartwatch, designed to be reliable and easy to use even for the youngest children or the elderly.

Best smartwatch for kids and more

SmartTrackerKids 20T likes to everyone! Available in 2 versions (with and without SIM) and in three different colours: Black; Blue; Pink, This Smartwatch for kids is proudly sported by both boys, who can choose between the Blue and Black versions (also very popular with older people), and girls, who are amazed by the bright colours and femininity of the Pink version. A robust case, modern aesthetic lines and ease of use make it a truly revolutionary smartwatch!

SmartTrackerKids 20T: main features

  • Safety perimeter - This Smartwatch for children allows the identification of one or more safe areas in which the child moves;
  • GPS - With this function, the child will be geolocated even if on the move with extreme precision;
  • SOS button - SmartTrackerKids 20T has a handy SOS button which, when pressed for 3 seconds, triggers a call to 3 devices previously set via the App;
  • Temperature control - Temperature measurement via this smartwatch for kids can be done directly from the wrist or remotely;
  • We Talke feature - The SmartTrackerKids 20T has a convenient chat function for managing and sending voice messages.

Included Vodafone SIM

SmartTrackerKids 20T "All-inclusive" is the version of the Smartwatch for kids that includes a Vodafone SIM with traffic included for one year. You will then be able to choose whether to renew the contract or use a SIM from any other operator. If, on the other hand, you already have a SIM, all you need to do is set up the APN codes on the Smartwatch.

Buy your new Smartwatch for kids SmartTrackerKids 20T now on ipmshop.it by choosing one of three models (with or without SIM) in different colours. You will receive your Smartwatch at home in a very short time!

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