Magic Marker - Convert what you write to digital, on any surface

Create a digital copy of your whiteboard notes.
The Magic Marker allows you to write, save and share in real-time your notes:

Ideal for meetings and corporate sessions and for teaching.



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Save time and increase efficiency:
No more rewriting notes off the board or taking a picture with your phone.
Only write things ONCE and digitize them in real time AND now you have an editable copy.
You can resize, recolor, and even convert your handwriting into text!
Don't waste time rewriting what you already wrote. You can edit and add things you missed.
Create a comprehensive note document and send to colleagues or save it to Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote.

Your whiteboard. Upgraded.
You can write on just about anything these days - walls with whiteboard paint, glass panels, smooth tables,
and of course, those tried-and-true dry erase boards you've had for years.
Wherever you whiteboard, the Magic Marker has you covered.

pennarello smart

pennarello elettronico

Portable and easy set up: No tools needed!
Don't make any marks on your walls or whiteboards. The Magic Marker is magnetic and sticks to any magnetic whiteboard.
It is also provided a magnetic mounting brackets for non-magnetic surfaces.
Mounting brackets have easy removal with no residue left on the surface.

The Magic Marker works with an internal rechargeable battery (charging via the micro usb port integrated in the docking station)
and uses Bluetooth BLE technology to establish a connection with your device
(that may be an interactive board, a smartphone or a tablet where the app Re Mago myMarker has been installed).

pennarello digitale

smart marker

Ready, set, write: be spontaneous and creative.
Using the Magic Marker is a breeze:

Launch the Re Mago myMarker app (available for free for both iOS and Android);
Turn on the sensor and launch the Bluetooth pairing with the Magic Marker;
Place the sensor on any flat writing surface (you can use various surfaces, not specific format required):
you just need to make the calibration of the writing area that you intend to use, that is very fast and easy;
Start writing.

With the sensor's built-in memory, be confident that everything you write is saved.
The Magic Marker also has an embedded memory that automatically save everything you write
and can capture up to 20.000 pages without any other device connection.

No special markers:
The Magic Marker works with just about any regular dry erase markers.
The markers with the best fit are: Expo Dry erase bullet tip, Legamaster e-board, and Sharpie whiteboard.


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