The right of withdrawal is applicable to all goods/products as regulated by the Consumer Code, in art. 59.


In the categorization indicated by law we find, by way of example and not exhaustively:


· The supply of personalized or made-to-measure goods;

· The supply of perishable goods;

· The supply of sealed goods which, for safety or health reasons, do not lend themselves to their return after opening;

· The supply of alcoholic drinks whose price, agreed upon, is linked to market fluctuations and whose delivery cannot take place before 30 days;

· The supply of newspapers, magazines and periodicals;

· The supply of video/audio/software delivered sealed and which have been opened;

· Contracts in which the consumer has specifically requested a visit by the professional for the purpose of carrying out repair or maintenance work.

In such cases, imperatives, expressly codified and not susceptible to analog expansion or modification by the professional or the parties, the seller has the right to refuse the return of the product and to deny the refund of the price paid only if, in a timely manner pursuant to art. 49, has indicated in the general conditions for which products the faculty is excluded pursuant to art. 54.

Therefore, Customers are invited to verify that the products purchased do not belong to the following product types:

· CryptoPhone;

· Disposable and non-disposable masks;

· Headphones;

· Forbrain and Soundsory.

To exercise this right, within and no later than 14 days, with respect to a purchase made through the website, the Customer must communicate in writing only through the official e-mail channels of IPMShop: mailbox ( or pec (, attaching a copy of the order in such a way that the customer's personal data and the number and date of the order can be clearly recognized.

IPMShop will reserve the right to verify the integrity of the goods, which must be sent by the Customer within the aforementioned period of 14 days at the following address:

IPMShop S.r.l. c/o IdeaPM via Giusti 6, 20090 Cesano Boscone (MI)

The reimbursement will therefore be subject to the receipt of the goods, in the times indicated and in the actual state in which they were sent by IPMShop, therefore intact in every component including external packaging.

Regarding the reimbursement methods, these are better described in point 22 - Refund Methods (refer to "Terms And Conditions" page).

Important Note: the right of withdrawal is not valid for business customers, namely all customers who have specified a VAT number during the registration process on the site.

These conditions are updated to April 30th 2020