With every order placed on IPMShop, you will collect some Shopping Points that you will be able to convert into discount coupons usable on our website.

You will collect 1 Shopping Point for every 3€ spent (shipping costs excluded) on IPMShop.it. For example, for an order worth €30 + €5 of shipping cost, you will collect 10 Shopping Points.

Every 3Shopping Points, you will be entitled to a €10 coupon.

The Shopping Points will be automatically credited to you when the order will be confirmed.

In the shopping cart, you can always see a preview of how many points will be credited to you, based on the products that you have added.

Also in every product's sheet is shown how many Shopping Points will be credited to you if you buy that product.

To get further information about the applied criteria for the calculation of the Shopping Points, to see the recap of the points collected and to convert your points into discount coupons, go on the "My rewards account" section in your personal profile.

Note: The company profiles registered with a VAT number for which some dedicated discounts have been applied (quantity discounts, specific coupons etc.), are excluded from the Loyalty Points Collection.