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(ED) 360 ° Cylindrical Advertising Monitor


360 ° cylindrical monitor with illuminated base for posters

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Cylindrical 360 ° advertising LED monitor with illuminated base for posters.
Ideal for attracting the attention of customers with an advertising communication with a strong visual impact.

Features :

Integrated audio system;

Heating and cooling system;

Integrated Digital Signage Player.

1366x384 resolution;

Brightness 750 cd / m²;

Backlit base for posters;

Diameter 1m / height 2.03m.

Cylindrical advertising monitor to show videos and images visible at 360 °, thanks to the patented technology of the rotating LED displays. This special advertising LED display allows you to communicate creatively and stand out from the competition, ensuring maximum visibility to the advertising message transmitted.

Curved LED advertising screens represent a valid alternative to advertising LED walls and large advertising displays, thanks to the advantage of being able to show multimedia content visible from all angles, to effectively promote products and services. They are ideal as advertising monitors for shopping centers and large retail outlets.

If you are looking for ideas to advertise products or supports to promote your business, the 360 ° LED advertising displays guarantee maximum visibility in the busiest transit areas, thanks to their cylindrical shape, unique in the panorama of LED advertising screens and more.

The components necessary for the functioning of the Digital Signage system are integrated within the structure of this monitor: an audio system, a cooling system, a lighting system and a Digital Signage player. The structure is also designed for the insertion of bright advertising panels, to combine the effectiveness of the LED screen with the functionality of backlit advertising posters.

The product was used as a display piece in our showroom.

The product has passed the quality tests in our laboratory.
12 months warranty.