Air Bomz PURE Co2 - Co2 Dispenser + Refill (60g)


Product: Air Bomz PURE Co2
Product type:
Co2 dispenser + 60g refill.


  • It does not produce heat
  • Built-in light sensor
  • Battery powered
  • Determines most parasites
  • Can increase yield by up to 50%
  • Growth space will be increased to an ideal 1200 ppm
  • Reduces the crop cycle
  • It allows for higher growth temperatures and humidity
  • Remote controlled
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This Co2 dispenser does not produce heat as it is battery powered and is equipped with a built-in light sensor. Air Bomz PURE CO2 - Dispenser is the world's first remote controlled CO2 dispenser. It offers the latest innovative technology in hydroponic plant growth for indoor growing, and is designed for small to medium sized grow boxes. It emits the right amount of CO2 at predetermined intervals in your grow space which will be brought to the ideal value of 1200ppm.

Air Bomz PURE CO2 is perfect for optimal plant growth. It can increase the yield up to 50% of your plants, it does not produce heat because it is battery powered. This product allows higher growth temperatures and humidity than the norm, shortening the crop cycle of growth, discouraging the presence, in the area, of most of the parasites present in nature.


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