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FastBuds - Cheese Auto - 1 feminized seed

Manufacturer: FastBuds
Seed Type:
Sativa 30% - Indica 70%
THC: Up to 21%
CBD: <1%
Flowering: 9 weeks
Indoor Yield:
400 - 550 gr / m2
Outdoor yield:
60 - 150 gr / plant
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A highly productive, very potent and small in size feminized seed sample, which is known around the world for its distinct flavors and sweet, pungent aroma.

FastBuds - Cheese Auto is a blend of indica and sativa genetics that expresses the best of hybrid vigor. We were able to maintain the dense texture and overwhelming cheesy aroma and reduce the flowering time to just 9 weeks.

Her THC levels can vary by up to 21%, making this hybrid potent, fast growing and highly desirable when it comes to smell, taste and effect. Highly recommended for making hash, thanks to its great flavors.

Description of the tops

The buds of Cheese Auto are thick and dense, with a dark green hue and dark brown pistils enveloping them. When a dried bud pops open, a pungent, strong, earthy and fruity blend will pervade the nose and, with its strong terpene profile, it's best to be discreet about pulling off a bud in public.


She is undoubtedly a potent strain that will leave some in a narcotic and dreamlike state in search of the closest chair to merge into. A great choice for smokers who have a high tolerance or for those who love hard stamina and strong flavors. A good choice for relaxing in the evening, perhaps sprawled on the sofa with a nice bag of chips

Appearance of the plant

This cannabis strain will grow with a short, sturdy structure with thick fan leaves typical of indica and a short internodal space. The calyxes will appear small and compact and when this lady blooms, the pistils will turn a bright orange before fading to a dark brown. It will bloom with a main cola with shorter side branches, filling each internode with dense buds and wedges of resin.

Growth tips

FastBuds - Cheese Auto is very easy to grow and is one of the most productive autoflowering strains we have ever created. Be very careful when this lady blooms indoors and while drying, using a charcoal filter to remove unwanted odors.An easy-to-trim plant that produces dense, uniform buds on each branch and a super sticky, resinous hybrid.


A cocktail of strong, sour and earthy fruits, with a pungent touch, makes this variety one of the tastiest and most unique on the market, a popular choice for those who love it there. Original Auto Cheese hash and extracts take it to another level and is perfect for all hash makers looking for the strongest terpenes.


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