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copy of White Widow Auto - 2fast4buds - 5 seeds + 5 free

Manufacturer: Sweet Seeds
Type of Seeds:
Sativa 30% / Indica 70%
THC: Up to 20%
CBD: <1%
Flowering: 9 weeks
Indoor Yield:
400 - 500 gr / m2
Outdoor yield:
50 - 170 gr / plant
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He is an old school legend, multiple world champion with an impressive amount of resin. One of the original '80s strains that still ranks as an excellent choice for novice growers and those who want the best of the old school in autoflowering form. A fast growing and extraordinarily reliable strain that will be ready in 9 weeks from seed to harvest, making her the perfect candidate for growers looking for fast growth. It will produce incredible results outdoors and can easily withstand hot and cold climates. Its flavors are a mix of spices, with earthy and floral tones and its effects are relaxing and excellent for social moments. Hash extractors and growers will go crazy for Original Auto White Widow as it is a trichomic machine that will coat the surrounding buds and leaves with resin. Description of the Bud The first thing that stands out about the buds of Original Auto White Widow is the prolific resin content. Covered with trichomes from top to bottom, with a dark green hue and maroon pistils. The buds are light, however they are very large, which means that the flowers of this strain are very useful. Effect Thanks to her 20% THC, the effects are uplifting, clear with an underlying buzz. It will light up your mind and keep you going, making it perfect for being organized and busy, staying alert, and working on a to-do list. Its effect is not too intense and will transcend you into a relaxed state the more you smoke it. Plant Appearance The original White Auto Widow will grow with compact internodal spacing and produce a main cola. Her side branches will grow long and then gradually fill with large silver buds in 9 weeks during which she has the ability to produce up to 400-500gr / m2. Its leaves will be thin and long and will not stretch excessively once flowering begins, where it will mature to a size ranging from 70cm to 110cm. You can also adopt pink and magenta hues as the harvest date approaches, further revealing its true beauty.

Pack frontPack seedPack backGrowth TipsA really easy to cut strain well known for its rich resin content. When pruning your plants, we recommend that you harvest all the leaves to make hash or extracts. It grows incredibly well when in a SOG and won't get too tall. We recommend planting this hybrid outdoors until the end of the year, as it can easily withstand colder and wetter climates and during the hot summer months it will really show its capabilities. Highly recommended for novice growers who are new to autoflowering genetics and need a solid and reliable strain that can be grown with very little maintenance. Flavor A flavor that can be described as musky, spicy, earthy and sweet. Smoking it will reveal a bold flavor of salty spice and fruit combined with earthy undertones. A particular flavor that will appeal to the old school generation.


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