100ml antibacterial hand gel

Gel 100ml

Product: Antibacterial gel
Product type: 100ml antibacterial hand gel



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This 99.9% water-free antibacterial hand gel is also suitable for people with sensitive skin. It dries quickly and leaves your hands fresh and disinfected without the smell of alcohol. The gel can be easily distributed even in places that are difficult to access. After applying the gel, you can eat with your hands. It's great for people who want to make sure their hands are clean and free from bacteria. The antibacterial gel is an effective product that kills bacteria on the hands.

100ml antibacterial hand gel

Antibacterial hand gel is a great alternative when there is no water or soap nearby. Perfect for adults and children. It is gentle on the skin of your hands. In addition to effective microbial elimination, thanks to the Panthenol, aloe vera and jojoba content, the preparation nourishes and moisturizes the hands.


The sanitizer is effective on bacteria that may be on your hands. The composition of the gel is based on alcohol, which effectively disinfects 99.9% of microorganisms.


Practical 100ml bottle that can be easily carried in your pocket, bag or backpack. It is perfect for traveling, at work, school or kindergarten, wherever there is no hot running water or soap.


Despite its strong bacterial and fungicidal effect, the disinfectant is gentle on the skin. Thanks to the content of Panthenol, aloe vera and jojoba it prevents the hands from drying out and takes care of them.


Just apply a small amount of liquid on your hands and massage thoroughly into the skin using hand washing movements.


100ml colorless gel.

Gel 100ml

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