RE MAGO Smart Pen - Save Digital Notes and Sketches

Smart Pen for saving your digital notes and sketches. Ideal for students, meetings and daily activities.


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Capture everything you write on any kind of paper.*

Write and draw naturally. Know that everything you write is captured digitally, saved, and organized.

You just need to place the sensor at the top margin of the paper, launch the app "Re Mago myNotes" (available for free for iOS and Android),

pair the SmartPen to the sensor and start writing.

Everything you write will be automatically saved in real-time on your smartphone or tablet.

digitalizzare appunti

appunti in digitale

The SmartPen is the only thing you need to capture your writing

You can use any paper, like any regular notepads, a scrap of paper, post-its, envelopes...whatever you write the sensor can capture.

The SmartPen can be used with any paper, so you don't have to buy expensive special notebooks.

*This technology supports A4 paper formats and below (it also supports non-standard paper formats). 

salvare appunti in digitale

prendere appunti in digitale


The product has passed the quality tests in our laboratory.

12 months Warranty.

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