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  • forbrain
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    Forbrain - Bone Conduction Headphones

    Regular price €279.00 -€80.00 Price €199.00

    Product : Bone Conduction Headphones
    Product type : Self-learning headphones designed to improve speech, attention and memory

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  • soundsory headphones for sensory stimulation
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    SOUNDSORY® - Headphones to improve cognitive skills

    Regular price €279.00 -€29.00 Price €250.00

    Product : SOUNDSORY® - Headphones to improve cognitive skills
    Product type : Multi-sensory system with approximately 50 movement-based exercises and bone and air conduction headphones.

    Features :
    Ideal for children and adults suffering from motor delays, coordination problems, autism, sensory and hearing disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome.

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