Dear Sir/Madam,
in accordance with article 13 of the 2016/679 EU Regulation (so-called GDPR) we inform you about the ways in which we will treat the personal data that will be communicated by you.

Who will process your personal data?
Your personal data will be processed by IPMSHOP S.r.l. (hereinafter also IPM only), with registered office in 20141 Milan, via F. Brioschi n° 74, which will act as "Data Controller"; you can contact the Data Controller at the following e-mail address: e-commerce@ipmshop.it

Processing may be carried out, in the name and on behalf of IPMSHOP Srl, also by other subjects appointed for this purpose "Data Processors" , belonging to the following categories: group companies, accountants, freight forwarders, IT service providers. The Data Controller does not carry out large-scale treatment, therefore the conditions for the obligation to appoint a DPO are not met.

How and why will your data be processed?
Your data - with reference to each specific purpose - will be treated as follows

Purpose Legal basis Storage time
1 Administrative activities related to contract management Execution of a contract 10 years from the termination of the contractual relationship
2 Response to requests for information on products received on the web (website and social media) Execution of a contract 10 years from the termination of the contractual relationship
3 Newsletter Consent Until revocation of consent
4 Operation and security maintenance of computer systems Legitimate interest (of the owner)
Legal obligation of the holder
Until the end of the intervention

We also specify the following:

The provision of your data for the purposes referred to in numbers: 1, 2, 4: is mandatory and necessary to fulfill contractual or legal provisions and for the purposes of the correct performance of the business. Consequently, failure to provide such data would not make it possible to fulfill these requirements and carry out business activities correctly. 3: it is merely optional. As a result, failure to provide data will have no consequence. If the customer is a legal person, IPMShop S.r.l. announces that it does not consider it necessary to obtain personal data relating to any collaborators; however, in the knowledge that, during the contractual relationship, reasons of a purely operational nature may lead to the occurrence of this circumstance, it will also treat this data in the manner indicated in this information notice, which we therefore invite you to deliver to all its collaborators who, for the reasons mentioned above are to be transmitted to IPMShop Srl own personal data (e.g. name, surname, email address). It should be noted that if the customer voluntarily publishes a review, this will necessarily involve the processing of the user name for this purpose which, as a result of the spontaneity of the contribution, will be based on the basis of the lawfulness of the consent.

There are no other recipients besides the data controllers or co-owners (i.e. social network, limited to purpose 2).

There are no automated decision-making procedures.

There are no extra-EU transfers or international organizations.

The legitimate interest of the holder indicated for the purpose 4 is the correct and safe performance of the business activity.

What will your rights be?
You can exercise the following rights by sending a specific request to the Data Controller at the e-mail address: e-commerce@ipmshop.it

RIGHT OF ACCESS (cfr. Article 15 GDPR)
Right to confirm the existence or otherwise of the treatment and to access the data and information relating to: purposes of the processing, categories of processed data, possible recipients, possible transfers and any appropriate guarantees, retention period, rights of the data subject , possible existence of an automated decision-making process. The data controller provides a copy of personal data. If the request is made by electronic means, and unless otherwise indicated, the information is provided in an electronic format in common use.

Right to obtain the rectification of inaccurate personal data and the integration of incomplete personal data.

Right to obtain the deletion of personal data concerning the interested party if: they are no longer necessary with respect to the purposes, revoke the consent (and there is no other legal basis for the treatment), he opposes the treatment for reasons connected to his particular situation ( and there is no legitimate prevailing reason), opposes processing for direct marketing purposes, personal data is unlawfully processed, must be deleted to fulfill a legal obligation, collected in relation to the offer of information society services. The right does not apply if the processing is necessary for the exercise of the right to freedom of expression and information, for the fulfillment of a legal obligation, for the execution of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of public powers, for reasons of public interest in the health sector, for archiving in the public interest, for scientific or historical research or for statistical purposes, for ascertaining, exercising or defending a right in court.

Right to request the retention of the data only if: the interested party has contested the accuracy of the data (for the period necessary to verify its accuracy), the processing is illegal (but the interested party has requested the limitation instead of the cancellation), the data are necessary to the interested party in the judicial seat and, although the owner no longer needs it, he has exercised the right of opposition (while the owner verifies the existence of legitimate and prevailing reasons).

Right to object to the processing of your data if (i) it is based on public interest or legitimate interest and (ii) if the data is processed for direct marketing purposes, including profiling.

Right to receive data in a structured format (only for automated processing).

RIGHT OF REVOCATION OF CONSENT (cfr. Article 13, c.2, d)
Right to withdraw consent at any time, where provided for as a legal basis, without prejudice to the lawfulness of processing based on it prior to revocation.

RIGHT OF CLAIM (cfr. Article 13, c.2, d)
Right to lodge a complaint with the Guarantor for any alleged violation of the GDPR.

In faith,
IPMShop S.r.l.



This information is provided, with reference to the website https://ipmshop.it (hereinafter, only the "Site"), by IPMSHOP S.R.L. (hereinafter also just "IPMSHOP"), with registered office in 20141 Milan, Via F. Brioschi n° 74.


A cookie is a text file that a website visited by the user sends to its terminal (computer, mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet), where it is stored before being re-transmitted to that site on a subsequent visit to the site. Cookies are distinguished from one another: - based on the person who installs them, depending on whether it is the same operator of the site visited (so-called "first-party cookies") or a different subject (so-called "third-party cookies") - based on the purpose of each cookie: some cookies allow better navigation, memorizing some choices of the user, for example the language (cd "technical cookies"), other cookies allow to monitor the user's navigation also for the purpose of sending advertising and / or offer services in line with your preferences (so-called "profiling cookies"). Only profiling cookies require the user's prior consent to use them. The Website uses technical cookies and first part profiling cookies as well as third party profiling cookies (described in section 2 "Cookies installed through the Website" below). IPMShop S.r.l. is responsible, in its capacity as Data Controller, exclusively for first-party cookies installed by the same on the Site.

1. How to express consent to profiling cookies

1.1. At the first visit to the Site, you can accept all cookies by closing the banner by clicking on the "X" or "Allow" in the banner itself or by accessing another area of the Site or clicking on any element of the page (image or link) outside the banner.

1.2. At the first visit to the Site, if you do not perform any of the actions described in the banner but, from the banner, access to this extended information, you can interact with the individual consent forms in the extended information where it is possible to lend and / or deny consent, as appropriate, to the installation of cookies by clicking on the appropriate link in the "privacy information and consent form" column of the table below. Attention: if you do not interact with the consent forms and leave the extended information, closing the page in which the information is contained or continuing browsing the site, give consent for all cookies.

1.3. On subsequent visits to the Site (provided that you have previously indicated your preference about the use of cookies, as indicated in points 1.1 and 1.2 above), you can access the extended information via the "Privacy Policy" link , present on every page of the Site and deny consent to third-party profiling cookies by clicking on the "consent form" reported (where available), for each third-party cookie, in section 2 "Cookies installed through the Website" following.

1.4. In any case, through the browser settings. The procedure to follow to configure these settings is as follows:

Internet Explorer

Modify Cookies settings: Click on the "Tools", "Internet Options" icon, then the "Privacy" tab. You can adjust the cookie acceptance policy by bringing up or down the relative slider or click on the "Sites" button and in the window that appears authorize or block the acceptance of site cookies by Site. Click "OK" to apply the changes.

Erase Cookies: Select "Tools", "Internet Options", then "Delete" from the "Browsing History" box. You will find a number of items including Cookies. Check that the check mark in your name is activated and press "Delete".

Google Chrome

Modify Cookies settings: Digit chrome://settings / in the address bar then select "Show advanced settings" at the bottom of the page and then on "Content settings" of the "Privacy" section and then on "Allow local data saving ( recommended) ", then" Finish ".

Erase Cookies: Digit chrome://history/ in the address bar and then select "Clear browsing data ...". You will find a series of items including "Cookies and other site data and plugins". Check that the check mark in your name is activated and press "Clear browsing data".

Mozilla Firefox

Modify Cookies settings: Access the options through the menu icon, then select the "Privacy" section. Under the heading chronology choose: "use customized settings" then set the management of cookies through the options made available by the program. Click "OK" to apply the changes.

Erase Cookies: Access the options through the menu icon, then select the "Privacy" section. In the history entry choose: "use custom settings" then click on "Show cookies". The Cookies window will be displayed: In the "Search" field enter the name of the site whose cookies you want to remove. A list will appear showing the cookies related to the search carried out. In the list, select the cookies to remove and click the "Remove Selected" button. To delete all cookies stored on your computer, you can use the "Remove all cookies" button.


Modify Cookies settings:: Click on "Preferences" from the "Tools" menu (CTRL + key combination) then select the "Privacy" section. Choose the cookie management policy by choosing an option from those proposed by the program then close the options window from the top-right close icon.

Erase Cookies: Click on "Preferences" from the "Tools" menu (CTRL + key combination) then select the "Privacy" section. Click on "Remove all website data" and then confirm your choice. Choose the cookie management policy by choosing an option from those proposed by the program and then close the options window by closing the icon in the upper right corner.

In the case of devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc., we ask you to verify that each browser on each device is set to express your cookie preferences. For behavioral advertising cookies you can also set your preferences through the website www.youronlinechoices.com/it (the system operates with reference to participating companies that use cookies for behavioral advertising).

2. Cookies installed through the Website

2.1 First-party technical Cookies that don't require the user's prior consent

Cookie's name Purpose Expiration
PHPSESSID Manage and identify users' browsing sessions when the browser is closed
lang Memorization of preferences related to the language of navigation on the Site 365 days

2.2 Third-party technical Cookies that don't require the user's prior consent

Cookie's name Purpose Expiration
PayPal Manage payments through the PayPal platform at the end of the session
Stripe.com Manage payments through the Stripe platform at the end of the session

2.3 Third-party profiling Cookies that require the user's prior consent

Statistics and analytics cookies: The Site uses third-party cookies, even in unbundled form, for statistical and analytical purposes. In particular, the Site uses Google Analytics, Facebook and Linkedin services to collect information relating to the use of the Site by users.

Provider Cookie's name Purpose Privacy policy and
consent module
Google Inc. Google Analytics Measurement of site visits privacy policy
consent module
Facebook Facebook Pixel Measurement of site visits privacy policy
consent module
Facebook Facebook Conversion Tracking Tracking of specific actions carried out on the Site privacy policy
consent module
Linkedin Linkedin Insights Measurement of site visits privacy policy
consent module
Linkedin Linkedin Ads Tracking of specific actions carried out on the Site privacy privacy
consent module

This policy is updated to 20 November 2019.