500 Watt Monorim Electric Scooters

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500 Watt Monorim Electric Scooters

Practical, light and powerful, the 500 watt Monorim electric scooters are the products designed for your sustainable mobility in the city and for your daily commutes, such as commuting from home to work or travel during your free time. With these powerful electric scooters with 2 wheels Monorim series T2S Pro , T2S Pro+ , and T3S Pro+ any road will have no more obstacles.

These three electric scooter models are all equipped with a front shock absorber and, in the case of the T2S Pro+ and T2S Pro+ models, also with a rear shock absorber. The disc brake on the rear wheel and the E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system allow you to enjoy effective and safe braking.

Why buy an electric scooter

The reasons for buying an electric scooter are many and concern all aspects of our daily mobility. An electric scooter is a safe and ecological vehicle that allows us short and medium trips with sufficient autonomy to reach our destinations, especially within the city area and always with respect for the environment that surrounds us.

  • COMFORT - The electric scooters (I remind you that they are all those electric traction vehicles for the transport of people) have been designed to make moving around in any context comfortable and easy.
  • ENERGY SAVING - The management costs of electric scooters are lower than traditional scooters with internal combustion engine. You will no longer have to worry about their maintenance and you will not have to incur additional costs like the classic refueling.
  • RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - Electric scooters do not emit pollutants and help promote a healthier lifestyle while maintaining a clean environment.
  • CONVENIENCE - The electric scooters are equipped with rechargeable batteries through a standard socket. Charging times are fast and the autonomy is sufficient for short and medium trips throughout the day.

monopattini elettrici Monorim

Electric scooters 500 watt Monorim

The electric scooter Monorim T2S Pro is the first of the three top-of-the-range models with a 500 watt motor. This electric scooter offers reliability and safety in everyday use and ensures you can overcome all the difficulties of a city route.

The Monorim T2S Pro+ model has the same features as the TS2 Pro, but it has a front shock absorber which increases its stability and driving comfort.

The Monorim TS3 Pro+ model is the top model of the 3 and has the same features as the Monorim T2S Pro+, but its design is even more aggressive. The locking system prevents criminals from folding your scooter to take it away.

A handy stand supplied on all models allows the electric scooter to remain in a stable position during short stops.

Technical features:

  • BRAKES - The disc brake on the rear wheel ensures safe braking, while the front wheel is equipped with an E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system.
  • SHOCK ABSORBERS - The front shock absorber allows you to increase stability and driving comfort. The rear one significantly reduces the oscillations caused by the irregularities of the ground.
  • MOTOR - Electric motor with 500W power (48V) and multiple speed modes 15km / h and 25km / h (Unlockable up to 40 Km / h) .
  • FOOTBOARD - The footplate has a rough and porous surface to guarantee superior grip. The height of the platform from the ground is 18 cm.

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