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The Forbrain Method

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The Forbrain Method

Use your voice to boost your brain: Forbrain award-winning technology enhances language and learning!

Forbrain is used as a daily tool for reading, speaking, attending in class or for general use. For 15 minutes of speaking aloud through the Forbrain microphone and stimulating your own ears with your own voice, you strengthen your auditory reception and processing.

Communication is clearer as you participate easily in conversations and comprehend the sounds you hear. Place the headphones around the back part of your head with the ear pieces sitting on the two bones beside your outer ears. Adjust the microphone to your mouth so you are able to hear your voice easily. Then adjust the sound level.

Immediately you will hear your own voice changed and clarified by the effect of the audio-vocal loop. Your voice is corrected by the interpretation of what your brain hears and you feel energized and motivated by this natural effect.

Progressively, you will feel the natural change of your voice as well as your ability to speak and focus better. Forbrain progressively teaches your voice to efficiently stimulate your brain. You leverage your voice to improve your brain!

Forbrain's benefits


Forbrain's dynamic filter trains the brain to be more attentive improving not only attention but auditory processing and sensory integration.


Forbrain helps people to improve speech fluency, pronunciation, sound discrimination and rhythm, for clearer and more effective communication.


Forbrain helps people to improve short term memory, which impacts such skills as reading, writing and even chatting.

The program to follow with Forbrain

The benefits obtainable thanks to the Forbrain method are recognizable following repeated and prolonged use over time: for this reason, for the program of exercises to be performed with Forbrain, a session lasting between 6 and 10 weeks is recommended, which can be repeated cyclically in order to further improve the obtainable benefits. These benefits can be gained using Forbrain for just a few minutes each day for at least 6 weeks!

sessione forbrain

FAQs and usage examples of the Forbrain Method

Can I use Forbrain as a complement to conventional therapy?

Of course. Forbrain operates autonomously and can be used between sessions to reinforce the work you do with a therapist. In other words, Forbrain doesn’t replace the therapy, it complements it. The therapy is usually a long term approach; Forbrain optimizes the work done during therapy.

How should Forbrain headphones be placed?

A step-by-step user manual is supplied with the headset. Turn the headphones on and place the hoop behind your head. Then, position the bone conduction membranes in front of the ears (in contact with your check bones). Make sure your ears are unobstructed and can perceive sound. Finally, place the microphone 3 cm in front of the mouth. Now speak, recite, make a speech, sing, hum – the first time using Forbrain is always amazing!

forbrain come si indossa

What will I hear when I wear the Forbrain headphones?

You will hear your voice, but differently – as if it was modulated. Forbrain ti permette infatti di ascoltare il vero suono della tua voce, in quanto utilizza la conduzione ossea per la trasmissione delle onde sonore.

Are there specific tips on using Forbrain?

We provide advice on how to properly sit down to optimize the use of the headset:

For Adults

1 Feet: Place your feet flat on the floor at the width of your hips. As if rooted to the ground!

2 Back: Sit up straight without over-stooping or arching your lower back. As if you had the tail of a kangaroo and were sitting on it!

3 Head: Your head rests naturally and relaxed on the top of your spine. As if you were suspended by a puppet wire!

4 Lips: Round your lips and extend forward without pulling on your neck. As if you wanted to touch the microphone with your lips.

5 Stomach: Breathe calmly using your diaphragm, letting your stomach go in and out gently. Like the back-and-forth motion of waves in the sea!

Advice: You can also use the Forbrain while standing or walking, especially when you want to learn a text by heart. Remember to relax your position from time to time.

For younger users

The child may imagine he/she is a tree: the feet are roots going into the ground, the back the trunk that rise up straight, the head the foliage. Mime the rain sprinkling down to make the child grow, grow, grow...

forbrain postura bambini

Are there any contraindications?

Forbrain is a painless and noninvasive sensory stimulation apparatus. Like any stimulation, Forbrain can excite and tire the user during the sessions. Forbrain is not suitable for:

• Children under 3 years

• For people with Parkinson's disease

• People with hearing loss in both ears of 80%

• People carrying a Cochlear Implant

• People with epilepsy (except on advice of a specialist)

Can I use Forbrain for a child who doesn't speak?

Yes, if the child is 3 years old or older and if (s)he can make sounds. The acquisition of speech implies a cognitive process of self-correction. Forbrain can facilitate this work by helping the child to better perceive his/her own voice. In cases of speech delay, Forbrain must be used as a complementary tool to adequate coaching by a professional.

Can I use Forbrain in cases of hearing loss?

Yes, unless the hearing loss is greater than 80% on both ears or in the case of a Cochlear Implant.

Can I use Forbrain on persons with hypo- or hyper-sensitive hearing?

Yes, but adjust the microphone volume so the use of Forbrain remains pleasant to the person. If too much discomfort is experienced, the use of Forbrain should be stopped immediately.

Is it normal to feel like that the device is turning on and off continuously?

Yes, it is the principle of the Dynamic Filter that activates and allows the passage of certain sounds of your voice. Depending on your sensitivity, you may have the impression that the device suddenly switches off and on again.

Are the headphones adjustable?

No, but it is designed to fit small as well as large heads. It is important that the headphones are pressed right in front of the ears and the microphone is properly positioned before the mouth. As long as you are not doing strenuous activity with the headset on your head, you can comfortably use the headset a few minutes a day.

Is Forbrain a connected device?

No. Well, Forbrain is "connected" to "your voice" and "your brain." Otherwise, it operates wirelessly and autonomously.

Is Forbrain useful if you don't have particular hearing issues?

Good question! Listening is the processing of sound information by your ear and your brain. We say that it is a "passive" cognitive faculty. While improving your faculty via passive treatment, you are also engaged in an active phase through speech. You issue a sound, perceive your voice differently, and adjust your voice according to the perception. This is the same principle found in the audio-vocal loop that goes beyond the passive part of hearing. It explains why Forbrain can be used in a wide array of applications such as Attention, Speech, Reading and Memory.



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