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How Forbrain Works

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How Forbrain Works

Forbrain's Auditory Technology

Forbrain headphones leverage high frequency vibration to help the user create and process sound. The patented electronic dynamic filter blocks out environmental noise-isolating and amplifying the user’s voice, giving the nervous system a solid sensory workout. It also enhances long vowels and other sounds critical to the construction of language. The resulting sound is delivered through the bones and bone conduction, not the ears or air conduction, to the nervous system and brain.

Forbrain improves activities that involve additional performance areas such as reading (better comprehension) or going to the gym (more productive workouts). It reduces your sensitivity to noise, makes yourself get in touch more easily with your own voice and thus, increases self-confidence. Your body receives better quality sensory information with daily use of Forbrain.

Improved attention to the sensory message due to bone conduction

“We listen to ourselves through our bones”.
When we emit a sound, our vocal cords vibrate. This vibration is transmitted primarily via bone conduction and secondarily by air conduction through the eardrum. That’s why, when we cover our ears, we can hear our own voices without any difficulty. This bone transmission is fundamental because it prevents hearing loss and safeguards sound information against loss that occurs with air conduction and environmental noise.

The purpose of Forbrain is to amplify sound transmission through bone conduction. A user improves perception of his own voice due to bone conduction headphones equipped with a high sensitivity microphone. He can easily analyze and assimilate the information emitted. By placing himself in an optimal position of self-listening, the user is more attentive to what he is saying.

As Forbrain sits on the temples leaving the ears unblocked, it allows the user to continue to perceive surrounding sounds normally. An individual can not only concentrate on his own voice without cutting out external sounds and but also learn to efficiently focus on relevant sounds. At the same time and while using Forbrain, he can listen to and communicate normally with other people (parents, teachers, therapists, coaches, etc.).

Better quality sensory information thanks to a dynamic filter

While bone conduction facilitates good self-listening, the message emitted by the voice provides a sound of good quality! Forbrain is equipped with a dynamic filter that reacts to the intensity of the voice.

The user hears her own voice filtered with alternating contrast. This shifting of sound or alternation will occur mainly during the beginning of speaking words and long vowels, the “clear sounds” that are strongly involved in the construction of language. By hearing and choosing this new perception of sounds, the user instantly and unconsciously significantly improves the quality and rhythm of her voice.

In addition, this alternating filter is designed to amplify high frequencies and simultaneously diminish low frequencies. As a result, this dynamic filter accentuates the transmission of high frequency harmonics which play a fundamental role in cortical stimulation and increased energy.

The dynamic filter improves not only the user’s hearing, but also the user’s entire vestibular system, managing motion, core stability, motor planning, balance, and spatial orientation. The result? Clearer vocal quality and rhythm. Improved listening. Greater focus and concentration. A better ability to “fit in,” and higher self-esteem.



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