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Smart thermostat: save energy and optimize comfort!

Smart thermostat: save energy and optimize comfort!

If the boiler is the lung of your heating system, the smart thermostat is its heart. It is able to manage the home climate correctly, ensuring greater comfort and greater energy savings. tado°, a leading company in the competitive domestic heating and cooling sector, is well aware of this, which has not only an efficient intelligent thermostat to connect to your boiler, but also a series of accessories that are easy to install and compatible with most systems and products from other manufacturers such as normal radiators.

Smart thermostat: save energy and optimize comfort!

Whether you have an apartment, an independent home with a classic heating system or underfloor heating, the tado° smart thermostat ensures you effective management of the home climate. By configuring your tado° system, using Thermostats and Smart Thermostatic Heads, you can individually manage the heating in each room of your home.

How tado° home climate management works

The thermostat and all the tado° components connected to each other, both via cable and wireless via your Wi-Fi, are designed to create a real "smart home system" that you can always have under control when using your Smartphone and the dedicated app.

Components of the smart home system:

  • Thermostat
  • Internet Bridge
  • Wi-Fi router
  • 1 or more intelligent thermostatic heads
  • App tado°

tado - il sistema casa intelligente

Advantages of the smart thermostat

  • Smart scheduling: tado° allows you to plan the desired day and night temperatures in time slots;
  • Local weather forecast: tado° to save energy, turn down the heating if the sun heats your home;
  • Environmental wellbeing skill: tado° advises you on how to keep the air in the house healthy;
  • Geolocation: tado° reminds you to turn down the heating when the person leaves the house and vice versa, turn it up before returning;
  • Detection of open doors and windows: tado° reminds you to turn down the heating to save more energy;
  • Care & Protect: tado° warns you in case of anomalies and helps you to solve any malfunctions on your own.

Smart thermostat: starter kit

Whether you choose the wired thermostat or the wireless version, you can replace existing room thermostats and, thanks to the tado° app, remotely control your entire heating system. The Starter Kit includes the Internet Bridge, which connects the smart thermostat to the Internet via your wi-fi router.

Starter Kit Configurations

  • Starter Kit - Wired Smart Thermostat V3+
  • Starter Kit - Smart wireless thermostat V3+
  • Starter Kit - Smart thermostatic head V3+

Smart thermostatic head

The intelligent thermostatic head, compatible with almost all radiator valves, allows you to manage the temperature in any room, whether using a boiler or district heating. Thanks to the tado° app, you can immediately check the temperature, heating activities and get an accurate energy report from your smartphone.

La testata termostatica intelligente di tado°

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