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TADO ° - Wired V3 + Starter Kit

Tado Starter Kit V3+
Bridge + Heads
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TADO ° - Wired V3 + Starter Kit

The Tado ° V3 + Starter Kit is a smart thermostat + 2 smart thermostatic valves + Internet Bridge. This kit includes two smart thermostatic valves for multi-room control. It is compatible with 95% of autonomous and centralized heating systems. Choose this product if your heating system has a wired thermostat with combi boiler (e.g. without an external hot water tank).
The Smart Thermostat is compatible with almost all heating systems from most manufacturers. Tado ° thermostatic valves replace conventional thermostatic heads with M30 x 1.5 mm threaded connection. Adapters are included for valves that have different sizes. You can install Tado ° WiFi thermostatic heads even if you live in a rented house: simply re-install the old devices when you move. Tado ° thermostatic valves are compatible with Danfoss, Myson, Drayton, Oventrop, Honeywell… and many more.

TADO ° - Wired V3 + Starter Kit

TADO ° - Wired V3 + Starter Kit

TADO ° - Wired V3 + Starter Kit

Tado ° regulates the home temperature

Features of Tado ° - Starter Kit V3 +

  • Intelligent Heating Management: Automatically adjusts the temperature based on weather conditions and your daily routine. Tado ° thermostatic valves replace the normal thermostatic valves of your radiators, allowing you to manage the heating system remotely via the Tado ° app. The wired smart thermostat connects directly to the boiler. You can also add additional wireless temperature sensors in other rooms.
  • Reduce energy waste and save on heating
  • Easy do-it-yourself installation: screw the smart thermostatic valve instead of the traditional one and connect the WiFi thermostat to the boiler.
  • Ideal for independent heating
  • Remotely control your WiFi thermostat and thermostatic valves with the Tado ° app: turn the heating up or down in the Tado ° app. The Internet Bridge, which is connected to the internet via the router, transmits this information wirelessly to your smart thermostat, which controls the individual thermostatic valves connected to the radiators.
  • Voice command heating control: integration with Alexa , "Alexa, set the living room temperature to 22 ° C." Siri "Hey Siri, set the bathroom temperature to 25 ° C." And Google Assistant "Ok Google, reduce the temperature

    of the living room of 2 ° C. " You can also create Applets with IFTTT to connect Tado ° with other smart apps and devices. Tado ° can also be integrated into the eNet Smart Home system.

If your heating system has a wireless thermostat or does not have one at all, you will need the Tado ° V3 + Starter Kit - Wireless Smart Thermostat .

Why choose Tado °?

  • WiFi thermostat and smart thermostatic valves: digital heating control
    Tado ° allows you to manage the heating at any time wherever you are through the app. Furthermore, with the Auto-Assist function for home automation you can completely automate the home climate according to your habits and to guarantee maximum energy savings . Tado ° is compatible with all common heating systems and with most radiator manufacturers. From smart thermostatic valves to WiFi thermostats , Tado ° offers the ideal solution to transform any home into a smart home automation home .
  • Smart Home with Tado ° Smart Skills
    Tado ° provides you with useful information about the temperature and humidity in your home, also giving advice on how to keep the air in the house healthy. Tado ° transforms your home into a Smart Home : it detects the opening of a window, takes into account the weather forecast and helps you adjust the temperature according to your distance from home.
  • Tado ° wireless home automation
    Configure your Tado ° home automation system using smart thermostats and smart thermostatic valves, to individually manage the heating in each room. Choose Tado ° to enjoy the benefits of wireless home automation : the components of the home automation system communicate with each other via WiFi, allowing you to easily add all the additional devices you need, without any wiring required.

Tado V3 +

Tado V3 +

Tado V3 +

With the TADO ° app you can manage and control the temperature in your home

Smart Home with the Tado ° app and Smart Skills

Transform your home into a Smart Home and manage the climate from your smartphone : immediately access data on indoor and outdoor air quality and energy savings .

  • Manage room by room: view all the rooms controlled by Tado ° in the app: check and adjust their temperature, even while you are out and about.
  • Care & Protect function: protect your heating and solve anomalies: Care & Protect constantly monitors your heating system, notifies abnormal behaviors and helps you to independently resolve any malfunctions.
  • Breathe healthier air: Tado ° advises you on how to keep the air in your home healthy. It also gives you useful information on outdoor air quality and pollen forecasts in your area.
  • Energy saving: Tado ° detects open windows and reminds you to turn down the heating or air conditioning to save more energy. In addition, thanks to geolocation, Tado ° reminds you to turn off the heating or air conditioning when the last person leaves the house and turn it back on just in time for the first person to arrive.

Auto-Assist Function: Automates Tado ° Smart Skills

Auto-Assist is the optional function (which can be activated within the Tado ° app by subscribing to a subscription) that allows you to create schedules for heating or air conditioning : thanks to intelligent scheduling, you can plan the day and night temperatures you want in the various time slots, according to your daily routine.

Choose the Tado ° V3 + Starter Kit that's right for you

  • Tado ° V3 + Starter Kit with 1 smart thermostatic valve: if your home has a central heating system, choose Tado ° V3 + Starter Kit with intelligent thermostatic head .
  • Tado ° V3 + Starter Kit with WiFi thermostat + 2 smart thermostatic valves: if you have an independent boiler, we recommend that you use the WiFi thermostat as a central management device, including a thermostatic valve kit (this product). This will allow the individual smart thermostatic valves to manage the boiler directly when needed and save even more energy.

In both cases, if necessary, you can integrate additional smart thermostatic valves for each additional radiator you want to manage:

Tado v3 +

Tado v3 +

Tado v3 +

Tado ° V3 + Starter Kit Accessories and Components

Package Contents

  • 2 Smart Thermostatic Heads
  • For thermostatic head: 4 AA batteries, 2 UK power supplies, 2 EU power supplies, 2 USB cables, 2 Ethernet cables
  • 1 Internet Bridge: connects to the router
  • 6 x 2 radiator adapters
  • 1 Wired Smart Thermostat
  • For thermostat: 3 AAA batteries, 1 UK power supply, 1 EU power supply, 1 USB cable, 1 Ethernet cable
  • Wiring labels
  • 2 screws for wall mounting
  • 2 anchors
  • 2 adhesive pads
Tado Starter Kit V3+

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