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SOUNDSORY® - Headphones for multisensory stimulation

Bone and air conduction headphones with system to help improving cognitive and motor abilities.

Ideal for children and adults with motor delays, balance and coordination issues, autism, sensory and auditory processing disorders, ADD and ADHD.

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SOUNDSORY® is a Multi-Sensory Home-Based Program.
It helps improve motor and cognitive abilities

It is composed of a specially conceived music reproduced with neuro-acoustic modifications and a series of about 50 movement-based exercises that work on body awareness, postural control and coordination.


SOUNDSORY® has been mainly designed for children (2+) and adults with:

• Motor delays, balance and coordination issues;
• Autism spectrum and developmental issues;
• Sensory and Auditory processing disorders;
• ADD and ADHD.

Key features

• 40 days of rhythmical music;
• Online access to 50+ videos;
• Music processed with a patented Dynamic filter system;
• High quality air and bone conduction speakers;
• Button and Screen to easily navigate;
• 9 hours playtime;
• Bluetooth mode to use it as a regular headset.

SOUNDSORY® takes advantage from neuroplasticity

soundsory e la neuroplasticitàsoundsory neuroplasticità

At any age, the brain can change itself and create new connections throughout specific and repeated stimulation. The SOUNDSORY® program is designed to capture brain attention and provide strong, multi-sensory stimulation. It helps the brain reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. SOUNDSORY® establishes good foundations, from the fundamentals of sensory integration to more complex cognitive functions.

The SOUNDSORY® program

The program lasts for 40 days for 30 minutes a day.
Each day of the program is splitted in two parts:
a listening part of the “rhythmical music program” (25 minutes)
and a part of “body movement exercises” (5 minutes),
which need to be done while listening to the music.

The Rhythmical Music

programma soundsory

The music has been specifically recorded to emphasize the rhythm of sounds in order to activate body movement. In addition, it is electronically processed using a patented dynamic filter system to create specific sound contrasts. This effect is designed to help the brain adapt to these changes as well as to develop the ability to predict the change: just like in real life where you are constantly adapting, predicting and adjusting to the changes around you. Finally, the sound is transmitted using both air and bone conduction to deliver a unique and efficient stimulation of both the auditory and vestibular system.

The Body Movement Exercises

programma soundsory

These exercises are designed to support the integration of the brain and body through a developmental progression. They incorporate the integration of primitive reflexes, while supporting and developing body awareness, postural control as well as body coordination. By strengthening these foundational sensory motor skills, we see improvements in more complex cognitive functions that help to support learning. In 30 minutes a day for 40 days, SOUNDSORY® provides powerful stimulation of the brain and triggers the self-organizing capacities of the nervous system.

Movement, Balance and Coordination

soundsory coordinazione

The SOUNDSORY® movement program focuses on building proprioceptive abilities through specific, repetitive movement exercises. The rhythmic music program is also designed to stimulate the vestibular system which helps the brain better integrate information related to body position, balance and movement.

Auditory and Sensory processing

soundsory elaborazione uditiva

The goal of the SOUNDSORY® music program is to activate the neuronal connections in different areas of the brain through the auditory channel and ultimately train the ear and the brain to analyze and process sensory information more quickly and accurately.

The air and bone conduction system

SOUNDSORY® uses two different types of sound processing, both air and bone conduction, to stimulate the brain. These two systems emphasize different ways of sensory processing and complement each other.

Air conduction

soundsory conduzione aerea

The sound, which comes from the air canal, arrives at the tympanic membrane before reaching the inner ear and being transmitted to the brain.

Bone conduction

soundsory conduzione ossea

The sound is directly transmitted to the inner ear without passing through the tympanum. Transmission by bone is naturally 10 times faster than the air canal.

How quickly can we expect results?

It depends on the individual’s profile, goals and what else is being done along with SOUNDSORY® to accomplish these goals. The brain needs a certain amount of repeated stimulation in order to develop new connections, reorganize itself and stabilize improvement. Some people see change within a few days, others after completion of forty days of the program. There is no way to know in advance the exact amount of time it will take.


Will the results be maintained or fade over time?

SOUNDSORY® is designed to educate or reeducate the brain to better process sensory information. Once the brain is able to correctly process such information there will be many benefits especially in enhanced cognitive and emotional skills. The most measurable effects usually occur 2-9 months after completion of the program.


Is there any particular side effect?

SOUNDSORY® is safe. It stimulates the brain in a natural manner with music and movement exercises. Still, it provides brain stimulation through a multi-sensory workout. It is possible that you or your child feel an increase in emotionality and have some sleep disturbance. You are experiencing what is called “disorganization before reorganization”. It often occurs during periods of rapid growth as the nervous system reorganizes itself. This is a phase of developmental growth. Often we can see this struggle for independence emerge as children become more integrated, gain increased awareness of their emotions, and their ability to communicate.


Is the SOUNDSORY® program complementary to other approaches and treatments?

It is perfectly fine to use SOUNDSORY® with traditional treatment and interventions. We also strongly recommend integrating Forbrain®,
which includes language, into the process, which will reinforce the impact of sessions. Because SOUNDSORY® is already a listening training, we don’t recommend adding other listening programs to your daily sessions.


Box content:

1x SOUNDSORY® headset;
1x carrying case;
1x headband;
1x USB charging cable;
1x user manual.

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