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Smoke detector

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EZVIZ - T4 - Battery operated smoke detector

This battery operated smoke detector provides reliable home protection. The T4 Smart Smoke Detector alerts you to smoke or slow-burning fires with an effective siren, flashing light and app notifications, so you have time to take action. Battery-powered alarm design protects your home for up to ten years (result of a controlled laboratory test based on the EN 14604 standard).
Battery operated smoke detector

Features of the battery operated smoke detector

Precise Protection - Using an advanced photoelectric sensor that detects even the slightest smoke, T4 protects you and your family from the dangers of fires. Accurately detect smoke and fast-burning fires and immediately alert you and your family members to the emergency.

Sound and Light Alerts - When it detects smoke, the T4 detector emits a loud 85 decibel alarm with flashing red LEDs to make sure anyone notices the danger. Press the test / silence button to silence the alarm if the situation is under control. Test Button - Performs weekly T4 tests by holding the test / mute button on the enclosure for a few seconds. The test lets you know if the sensor and battery are working properly. Continuous protection for up to 10 years. With no wiring required, the smart detector has a built-in battery that ensures peace of mind 24/7.

Battery operated smoke detector

Battery operated smoke detector

Battery operated smoke detector

Precisely detects smoke and fast-burning fires

Personalize your alarm system

A T4 smoke detector can interconnect with up to nine other detectors. If an alarm occurs for example in the kitchen, T4 will activate alarms in the other rooms to alert all family members. Using the detector with flashing red LED light it is easy to identify where the danger is coming from. When the battery is low, the indicator will emit a flashing flash and a beep to notify you. Receive alarm notifications when you are not at home. Connect the T4 detector to the EZVIZ alarm hub and receive alarm notifications directly on your smartphone, wherever you are, anytime.

One App for all devices

All EZVIZ products can be viewed, configured and managed through the dedicated App, totally free, available for iOS and Android. By installing the EZVIZ App on your Smartphone, just scan the QR code to be online immediately.


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