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Forbrain - Bone conduction headphones and Tomatis® method

Forbrain devices are bone conduction headphones specifically designed to improve speech properties, attention, memory and the listening process. Just put them on and start speaking into the built-in microphone to instantly hear the sound of your own voice. These bone conduction headphones are great for developing learning skills and improving speech fluency . The listening process of Forbrain bone conduction headphones improves and amplifies particular sound frequencies that are critical for proper language construction, providing the user's nervous system with solid sensory training. If you want to know everything about Forbrain bone conduction headphones, read this blog article too!

Forbrain bone conduction headphones: an innovative technology

The effectiveness of Forbrain bone conduction headphones is based on listening to one's own voice: when the user speaks, the sound captured by the microphone is processed by the patented electronic filter and then transmitted via bone conduction, through the special transducers positioned on the bones of the temple in front of the ears. In this way, the user is able to instantly hear the sound of their own voice clearly and distinctly. The use of Forbrain bone conduction headphones brings benefits to individuals of any age (children, teenagers, adults and the elderly), both with specific pathologies and without particular ailments. Depending on the needs of each individual, in fact, it is possible to perform targeted exercises to meet specific needs (improve fluency in speech, improve attention, develop short-term memory, etc.).

Possible uses of Forbrain bone conduction headphones

  • Study of the pronunciation of a foreign language
  • Text storage (study support)
  • Preparation of speeches and reports (public speaking, speakers etc.)
  • Improvement of diction (actors, performers, etc.)
  • Treatment of language and learning disorders (SLD, ADHD, dyslexia, etc.)
  • Use as equipment for speech therapists, speech therapists and other professionals

Features of Forbrain bone conduction headphones

Forbrain bone conduction headphones transmit the sound of your voice 10 times faster and with greater clarity than traditional air conduction. A dynamic filter improves specific voice frequencies and constantly surprises the brain to increase memory, attention and sensory process. While an auditory feedback loop corrects the way your voice is normally heard, leading to better speech fluency and increasing your confidence.

Bone conduction headphones

Bone conduction headphones

Bone conduction headphones

Forbrain uses high frequency vibrations to help the user create and process sound . The patented electronic dynamic filter blocks external ambient noise by isolating and amplifying the user's voice, providing the nervous system with solid sensory training. Forbrain bone conduction headphones also improve long vowels and other sounds critical to language construction. The resulting sound is that produced through bone conduction, not that which derives from natural air conduction.

Is your mind racing or working non-stop?

Do you find that your thoughts are scattered and that it is difficult to relax? Using the high-quality microphone of the Forbrain bone conduction headphones , the best voice clarity and the best hearing perception will help you stay focused to complete activities throughout the day. Bone conduction provides clarity and sensory integration that enhance pronunciation skills. Bone conduction is important for the phonological cycle , which also plays a role in storing and searching for verbal information. Forbrain can therefore also improve the fluidity of oral expression.

The advantages of the Forbrain headphones

Daily use of Forbrain bone conduction headphones improves your memory , attention and ability to stay focused because the repetitive use of your voice serves to exercise your brain . These repetitive exercises tap into areas of the cochlea, which connect the auditory pathways to verbal and short-term memory. When you speak or read using the Forbrain bone conduction headphones , your voice activates these auditory pathways in your brain allowing you to access your memory more easily (attention problems often occur due to difficulties with sound perception). 80% of sensory information comes from the ear and this determines the overall level of attention of the brain . Through enhanced bone conduction and dynamic filtering, Forbrain improves sound processing and your attention . This way you will be less distracted by improving your cognitive efficiency. Maintaining attention allows you to think better and improve memory.

The Tomatis® method

The Tomatis® method is a natural approach to sensorineural stimulation . Its listening programs alter music and voice in real time to capture the brain's attention and develop our motor , emotional and cognitive skills. Developed by French physician and researcher Alfred Tomatis , the Tomatis® method is based on advanced technology and the excellence of professionals specifically trained to use it.

Metodo Tomatis

Metodo Tomatis
Left: Alfred Tomatis, the inventor of the homonymous method.

Forbrain is a complementary tool to the Tomatis® method

This unique device , which is based on bone conduction and a dynamic filter , is designed to work on the audio-vocal cycle. Forbrain can be used before or as a complement to active or passive Tomatis® sessions. Many professionals propose Forbrain to their clients, after the completion of the listening program , to maintain the effects of the Tomatis® method . If you cannot follow the Tomatis® sessions, Forbrain is an ideal substitute: it is in fact possible to use Forbrain independently, following simple recommended exercises or even inventing new ones.



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