Forbrain - Headphones for Learning

Forbrain - Bone-conduction headphones for learning


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Bone conduction headphones to improve speech properties, attention, memory and listening process.

Just wear them and start talking in the integrated microphone to instantly hear the sound of your voice.

This technology is useful for developing students' learning skills and for improving the fluency of speech.

forbrain auditory process

Forbrain is also a useful tool to support students and people with learning difficulties.

Possible users of Forbrain may be children, teenagers and adults of any age, because its use brings multiple benefits.

forbrain metodi didattici per difficoltà di apprendimentoforbrain improve studyingforbrain is a tecnique to improve public speaking

The following are some possible examples of Forbrain use:

• Study of the pronunciation of a foreign language;

• Memorize texts (support to study);

• Preparing speeches and reports (public speaking, speakers, etc.);

• Improving diction (actors, interpreters, etc.);

• Treatment of certain language or learning disorders (phoniatists, speech therapists, support teachers, etc.).

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